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Focus Group

Does this describe you?

  1. You have a passion for your business and you’re keen to grow using successful online and offline marketing strategies
  2. Marketing is an area of your business you feel you can use some help and would appreciate other local business owner’s perspective as to what’s working and what’s not working on a local level!
  3. You’re currently advertising locally or rely on referral or word of mouth marketing
  4. You want to bring more consistency to your business, your revenue and your growth

Join us in our upcoming Focus Group and see what is working now in marketing for small business.

You will learn powerful new breakthrough marketing strategies and tactics that actually work locally.  We will not deal in theories or nice sounding “ideas” that cost you money and do not make the phone ring… nor attract your ideal clients. We will also be working with everyone in the room to understand your challenges and successes.

Join  This Special 3-Hours Focus Group

Everything You Know About Generating Leads, Closing Sales And Making Money With Your Small Business is WRONG!

If you are sick and tired of marketing that doesn’t work, lackluster sales and inadequate revenue, then join us for an exclusive, invitation only Focus Group for Calgary Business Owners ONLY!

Remember this is no cost to you and we will even buy you breakfast.

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