We Need Business Coaches To Handle The Exploding Demand For Our Services

We Will Hand You A Proven Online System That Will Let You Generate All the Leads You Can Handle PLUS We Will Close Your First 5 Clients And Train You On How To Work the System To Get All the $10K to $50K Clients You Can Handle You Call the Shots And (With Work) Create a 6-Figure Business In A Year (Or Better)


Yes i want to be a 6-figure

coach, tell me more

We have a proprietary business process where we guarantee to find any business owner $10,000 additional revenue in 45 minutes without spending a dollar on marketing or advertising. We actually find them about $100,000 in 30 minutes which gives us about 15 minutes to close them as a client, and therefore the bottom line is that we over deliver from the beginning. As a result, a lot of people want either my partner or myself to come in an do these presentations and obviously want our team to help them realize the additional $100,000 revenue increase. This has created an environment where we are so busy we can hardly keep up.

So we are looking for a high quality coach to come and work with myself and my partner so if you or somebody you know might be interested we would love to talk to you about it. The person that I’m looking for is high energy, is an action taker, understands about how business works and wants to make a difference.

If you have sales skills, great but you don’t need them as our system does the heavy lifting for you.

We are looking for the right person to become a coach with us, so if this sounds like something you are interested in please use the box above to give us your name, email and phone number and we will arrange a time to discuss more.